10 Ways You Can Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket!

10 Ways You Can Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket!

10 Ways You Can Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket!

Did you know speeding tickets generate over $6 billion every year in fines!

Around 1 in every 10 drivers are likely to get a speeding ticket every year. You may be driving nicely but at times when the odds arent in your favor, there are steps you have to take in order to avoid speeding tickets.

Following are 10 tips by traffic school DMV approved which can help you from getting a speeding ticket:

  1. Easy and safe is the way to drive, drive within the given speed limit and you’ll be good.

  2. Try being in the middle of the road so as to avoid any mishaps. The car in the front and the cars behind are more likely to get speeding tickets.

  3. Cops will cut divers slack of up to about 7 miles per hour over the speed limit, especially if the traffic flow is traveling at that rate. This is where your odds of getting a speeding ticket increase when you drive around 10 mph above the mentioned speed limit.

  4. Make it a habit and use your signals and drive smartly not aggressively, and keep moving back and forth in and out of lanes frequently. This will draw the attention of any patrolling cars nearby, and in the worst case scenario happens when another driver calls the cops and informs them about your your car’s description or license plate number.

  5. Always pay attention to road signs: Always be attentive on the road about the road signs as there are some places where the cops can sit, but still observe the speeding traffic.

  6. Your odds of getting a speeding ticket increase in that far left lane. Use it to pass, but then move back into the middle or right hand lane.

  7. Slow down if you are the only car on the road. You will stand out more if you are alone.

  8. If you are going to travel with a “rabbit”, stay far enough behind the speeding car and allow him to be the first to trip radar. His brake lights will also serve as an indication he has seen a patrol car.

  9. The cars which look fast tend to draw attention much quickly and are more likely to get speeding tickets. Always drive near or at the speed limit if you have a that fast car, or a viable option is go in for a simple car.

  10. When you’re stopped by the police, roll down your car’s window and put your hands on the steering wheel where they will be visible. If you give respect to the officer, you may have to pay a lesser fee or even avoid getting the speeding ticket

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