The Most Common Reason of Drunk Driving!

The Most Common Reason of Drunk Driving!

The Most Common Reason of Drunk Driving!

In today’s world the major reason for road accidents is drunk driving. Many researches and studies conducted over the years have found that alcohol consumption in moderate levels is good for health but if you overdo anything it has its consequences. If taken in copious amounts of alcohol, it can be very detrimental to the body. Driving a car while you’re intoxicated can put you in one of the most precarious situations.

The question California DMV approved cheap traffic school is trying to answer in this blog is why people persist on driving themselves, despite the fact that they can easily hire a cab or call someone to drop them back.

There are many people who look at drunk driving as an adventurous activity but is that amusing? Well only the daring and bold people can indulge in this the wise drive safely. To make things worse many people look at it as a means to “break-free” and drive without any worry. Everyone is aware about the repercussions that it drunk driving has, but for many the urge to drive drunk is so hard to resist that they do it anyway.

Under the influence of alcohol, one gets a feeling that they’d be able to “handle the adrenaline” but at some point of time they’re bound to fail. This is because of the reason that alcohol impairs the brain, thereby, resulting in poor reasoning and quick judgment. People think driving a few blocks down the ally wouldn’t be too much of a task, and as they’ve managed before, it would be no different this time around.

To curb the menace of drunk driving

In order to to curb the menace of drunk driving some steps have been taken, most remarkable among them is lowering the blood alcohol limit. In many states, the offenders are now made to face the victim’s family members which turns out to be bad. This action was aimed at getting the offender to have a first-hand experience of what pain and loss this person has caused to others.

Different states have also got strict and incorporated rules for the drivers safety. A SafeRides program has also been started which has helped many people in taking an objective stance on the issue. And the best part is that many volunteers offer their services to intoxicated teenagers, by dropping them back to their home. Another initiative by the name of “The Students Against Drunk Driving” (SADD) has also been started several steps to prevent youngsters from indulging in drunk driving.

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