Here’s Why You Should Wear Your Seat Belt This New Year!

Here’s Why You Should Wear Your Seat Belt This New Year!

Here’s Why You Should Wear Your Seat Belt This New Year!


Do you know a car accident is one of the most prominent reasons of death in a majority of adults?

According to the online traffic school California DMV approved more than 50% lives can be saved in an accident if people wear safety belts. Statistics show that the population between 16 and 35 are hardly found wearing seat belts. And statistics prove that 70% of the people wearing a seat belt are saved from injuries even on meeting with an accident.

Why Should You Wear Your Seat Belt:

  • Seat belts provide maximum safety as they prevent you from getting jerked to the sides or in the front if an accident occurs.

  • If the driver applies an instant brake to the car, the passengers and himself are thrown forward due to the law of inertia to avoid this wear a seat belt will prevent it to a great extent.

  • After an accident, if the person has suffered from an injury because of not wearing a seat belt, he is equally responsible for his or her injuries.

  • A seat belt can protect a person’s vital organs such as Head , Brain, Chest, Heart from injury to a great extent.

  • There may even be cases when the passengers collide with each other if the vehicle come to a halt abruptly. This is where a safely secured seat belt helps avoid this situation.

  • It also helps people to avoid injuries caused in an accident due to drunk driving. However, drinking and driving is strongly discouraged. As stated by the law drinking and driving can lead to heavy fine and even prosecution!

Wear your seat belt ensures safety and prevent injuries to a large extent. If an individual isn’t complying the rules and regulation and still drive their car without a seat belt, the end result could be fatal. Not only this it may result in multiple injuries, fractures, brain damage, disfigurement, and even cause death.

An integral part of driving safely is wearing your seat belts. Use them every single time you drive!


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