Best 8 Must Follow Tips For Eco Friendly Driving!

Best 8 Must Follow Tips For Eco Friendly Driving!

Best 8 Must Follow Tips For Eco Friendly Driving!

Everyone of us loves driving and with the advancements in technology, things have changed and helped drivers to understand why its important to become more eco-friendly and energy efficient. Incorporating and making small tweaks all drivers can improve their driving skills and make the road a safer and better place for a green future.

Check out these 8 easy tips from the California DMV Traffic School to help you drive greener and save some money:

1. Turn off your A/C: Always remember unless it’s very hot and you can’t resist the summer, only then use the A/C, opening the windows instead can save petrol and give you ample fresh.

2. Go Easy on the Accelerator: As speeding burns excess fuel so its recommended that you stick to the speed limit. Always avoid excessive and frequent application of the brakes, and accelerating to make your fuel last longer. If you’re driving downhill, apply the right gear and let the engine do the downhill braking rather than only using the brakes this can save fuel.

3. Travel Light: Are your traveling light? Having excess weight in your car only burns more fuel. So always make sure you clean up the junk from your car. If you’re having roof racks on your car which aren’t of any use, remove them as they increase fuel consumption.

4. Tyre Pressure: Always remember to keep the tire pressure normal, and don’t over or under inflate the tyres. As wrong tyre pressure can damage the tyres which causes higher fuel consumption. Always check your tyre pressures when the tyres are cold.

5. Plan in Advance: Make sure you use a GPS or directory for choosing the fastest and easiest route. Using the public transport is a good option as it saves money.

6. Get your Car Serviced Regularly: Make sure your car is regularly serviced, what this does is check whether the Dirty Air Filters, Worn Out Spark Plugs, and Old Sludgy oil in the engine, are taken care of as this can affect fuel consumption.

7. Car Pooling: Have you tried this before? Yes car pooling is the simplest way to reduce your carbon footprint give your friends or colleagues a lift and save on petrol and reduce traffic on road.

8. Do Green: If you’re planning of buying a new car, always check its “green rating.” As it helps in knowing whether the vehicle complies with different rules and regulations on greenhouse and air pollution emissions.

Go Green

Keep the Aforementioned in Mind They Can Really Help You Out While Driving!

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