5 Kinds of Driving Distractions That Lead to a Car Accident!

5 Kinds of Driving Distractions That Lead to a Car Accident!

5 Kinds of Driving Distractions That Lead to a Car Accident!

Is driving easy? Not quite it requires utmost attention and proper coordination between the mind and body, and also being aware of the surroundings so that you don’t end up making any mistake. If you engage in any other secondary activity while driving can increase your risk of a potential crash. According to data around 70 to 80% of all car crashes and 60 to 70% of near misses are caused because of distracted driving.

Given below are 5 kinds of driving distractions that lead to a car accident as by the California DMV Traffic School:

Feeling Drowsy or Emotions Going Amok?

Always keep in mind avoid driving when you’re either upset or drowsy, as your reaction to in such situations aren’t as fast as when you’re alert. If you’re tired your judgment is weakened, not only that but your reaction time to certain situations also slows down, which increases the chances of a crash. Therefore, never let your emotions go amok, when you’re driving.

Are you Talking or Singing?

Well talking and singing is what most of us like, but if you’re driving and doing the latter it may slow down your response time. While simply talking or singing may not necessarily impair the driver’s attention but listening to loud music and worst if you’re singing along to your favorite DJ’s music, can very easily take your attention off road. Therefore, its better if turn off the music, when driving in bad weather conditions or highways.

Tring Tring its Your Cell Phone Ringing!

Your friends are calling you as you need to head to the club, has this happened to you when you’re driving? Receiving and reading text messages while driving is very dangerous. Abstain from using a cell phone at all costs as you don’t want to risk your life as well as that of others. Always keep your eyes and hands on the steering wheel, and don’t take away your attention from the road. If its urgent why not pull over to a safe location and make the call or send a message!

Deja Vu: DayDreaming

Did you know an astonishing 65% of fatal car crashes in the US, was a direct result of people daydreaming or mainly because the driver was lost in their own thoughts. These drivers not only risk their life but also put other drivers at risk. Because of the daydreaming, they ignore the stop signs or a sharp turn, apply sudden brakes, and ultimately end up crashing someone.

Therefore, make sure you take adequate steps to be present in that moment practicing deep breathing or meditation can clear your mind of thoughts. Also abstain from multitasking, and ensure that you don’t get distracted while driving!

Checking Out Other Drivers

Never stare or look at other drivers or especially the pedestrians, as its a distraction which can lead to a fatal car crashes. These kind of distractions during driving not only damage life and property, but also cause serious injuries to other passengers and drivers, and in the worst case scenario can lead to even death. Make it a point to be alert all times and keep your focus on the road!

Always Keep Your Eyes on the Road

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