5 Steps to Keep in Mind When You Get Stopped by the Police For Speeding!

5 Steps to Keep in Mind When You Get Stopped by the Police For Speeding!

5 Steps to Keep in Mind When You Get Stopped by the Police For Speeding!

That weird feeling when that blue flashing lights out of nowhere starts approaching towards you from the back and yes its stops right in behind you?

You know what’s coming for you another speeding ticket!

Any idea of what to do?

Keep reading and you’ll discover 5 steps that can help you and might save you money as well too.

1. Keep Your Seat belt on Don’t Take it Off!

There’s no reason to take off the seat belts at all, unless you need to reach somewhere you cannot get to while wearing it, and at least until the officer keeps talking to you. Or unless the officer asks you to step out of the car, which happens very rarely.
Now that seatbelts are definitely mandatory in many states, you really better keep it on there’s no need to get an add-on ticket!

2. Don’t Admit You’re Guilty 

If the officer asks you why you were stopped, don’t try to guess. Who knows you might be wrong and you could give the officer another reason to give you a ticket. Let him or her tell you why you were stopped. 

3. Be Polite and Respectful

The officer is just doing his job so make sure you are friendly and polite. Hostility will only get you in trouble. 

4) Ask Questions

Make sure you understand everything on your ticket. Some officers’ handwriting isn’t terribly legible. Confirm that you can read everything, especially the phone numbers.

5) Make Sure You Call the Number on the Ticket

Should you pay up? Not if you can help it. And it’s not only about the money.
Make sure you call the number on the ticket to find out how much it costs and by when you would have to do what.

You won’t save a whole lot between the ticket on the one hand and court fees and traffic school on the other hand, but the long-term after-effects of having a “moving violation” on your record will cost you dearly, so it’s best to avoid that if you have the opportunity. And going to California DMV Traffic School usually does the trick!

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