5 Winter Driving Myths Revealed This Christmas!

5 Winter Driving Myths Revealed This Christmas!

5 Winter Driving Myths Revealed This Christmas!

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle All the Way!

Well Christmas is a time for joy and celebration and if you don’t know Santa’s been watching you and he knows how naughty or nice you’ve been this year. Is that all? Not quite Santa knows whether you’ve been driving safely or not?

Yes he knows how many times you’ve exceeded the speed limit for rushing to work probably for the reason you’ve slept through your alarm clock after hitting the snooze button 10 times in a row.

Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the best 5 winter driving myths revealed this Christmas by California DMV Approved Cheap Traffic School:

Winter Driving Guidance

1. Under-inflated Tires Can Gain More Grip.

The tires that are under-inflated actually unbalance your car while making those turns. It’s the same as allocating the weight of the vehicle to either left or right for making a right or left turn.

2. Warm Your Car And It’ll Help Perform Better In The Winter Season.

Every car’s engine is quite affected by cold, its engine needs to be warmed up before it’s taken around the town or in the highway. Therefore, you cars engine will surely perform better if its kept warm..

3. When Driving Through Snow, Ice And Other Nasty Stuff What to Do?

Is your driving in through the snow and ice your vehicle is bound to be attract snow, as this is the snow that’s fallen over ice by other vehicles. Therefore, you’re actually be driving over the slippery snow and ice. Be careful always!

4: Why 1 Extra Winter Tires Are necessary?

Having extra winter tires on your car can be good. A pair of winter tires installed on the rear of a rear-wheel drive vehicle is always beneficial. The car drivers who have winter tires on their front-wheel drive vehicles feel safe because it’ll increase the odds of a rear-end skid, which leads to losing control as there’s ice or snow on the road.

5: If you’re Living in a city Winter tires don’t help you!

Are you living in the city?

If you are then winter tires aren’t of any use driving. As winter tires are specifically designed with a special tread that keeps your car moving smoothly, whatever the conditions. Designed with a specialized tread compound gives you better grip on the cold winter roads!

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