Always Be Alert While Driving And Avoid Distracted Driving!

Always Be Alert While Driving And Avoid Distracted Driving!

Always Be Alert While Driving And Avoid Distracted Driving!

Have you caught yourself day dreaming or in a deep trance in the middle of driving? Yes you certainly might have or you might not. Did you know that getting lost in the world of thoughts is essentially turning off all the lights in your brain to something which for real isn’t there, which of course distracts you from the road.

The common most cognitive distractions is panic or fear, which can ultimately make you think about something that might be bothering you or anything trivial thing, rather than focusing on the road. Some of the major distractions are as follows:

Visual Distractions

The visual distractions includes Playing with the stereo system or radio, Adjusting a mirror or fidgeting. Always keep your eyes on the road to ensure that you don’t venture off track!

Honestly speaking everyone has a different tolerance for how much they can spend without being distracted. Most importantly, the use of cell phones can be stated as a combination of both a visual and cognitive distraction because of the nature of the conversation you may be having. The hands-free technology and the list and courses provided by California DMV Approved Cheap Traffic School have given people freedom to avoid the visual distractions which are caused by cell phones or any other distraction.

Cognitive DisctractionsAlways make sure you give your full attention while you’re driving, who knows you could be in dangerous situation and you’ve not even realized it so always be alert. A number of police reports have confirmed that people have a lot of cognitive distractions which has become a major reason for an accident. You may certainly have your focus drawn away from driving, no need to worry simply use these tips:

  • Pull Over and Stretch Nicely;

  • Do Some Deep Breathing and Refocus;

  • Make Yourself Realize How Dangerous it can be if you aren’t alert.

Auditory Distractions

Have you ever payed attention to a loud noise in your car that may warn you of some potential problem which is likely to happen. you’re are most likely to get distracted why? For the simple reason at the back of your mind you might be thinking that there is something wrong with my car and you’re more focused on the noise from the car rather than driving, which isn’t safe. Whatever sound comes from the car can be a big distraction for drivers.

But a Cell phone ringing or vibrating, Radio playing, can cause auditory distractions in to you. In order to remove such distractions, you should:

  • Keep your Cell Phone on Silent Mode.

  • Stop using the DVD system.

  • Silence the navigation system.


You are likely to get bored if you shut them off so what you might do is at least turn down the volume that way it is safe!

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