Ever Wondered Why You Got Pulled Over?

Ever Wondered Why You Got Pulled Over?

Ever Wondered Why You Got Pulled Over?

Have you attended a California DMV Approved Traffic School course? Well many of us might and many might not. With the ever increasing rules and regulations being aware of these rules by any driver can sometime not be possible. Following are some of the reasons why you can get pulled over:

  • Smoking In Your Car:

Do you think you can get away with smoking in your car think twice period! No you can’t especially, if you have children at your back seat, is it good not at all? You’ll realize this in Texas, Vermont, Washington, Arkansas and Louisiana, and many others don’t allowed such activities. Till date, there is no law pertaining to smoking with pets in the car.

  • Red-Light Crossing:

In places like Texas and Louisiana car owners often get a ticket by cameras who catch them running over a red light. A person is often mistaken while crossing the stop line as they may see the light turning red, but that at conforming from the police officers, came turned out to be something else, they came to know a completely different characterization of the stop line. The police officer confirmed that the stop line is a lateral line parallel to the curb of the cross street or, “10 ft farther out than where it actually starts.” For example, in Texas and other states, the law states that the violation line is at the stop line before the crosswalk!

  • Driving Too Slow:

In some states a vehicle owner can be cited for driving too slowly as well. When asked to a Police Officer from the California Highway Patrol he told that it’s not so common, but you could get a ticket if, “you’re blocking traffic, driving slow, or creating a road hazard on the freeway.” The officer also told a couple of reasons why someone would drive so slowly. The car driver could either be having some engine trouble or the driver could be impaired.

Safety Tips

Well both these situations will catch the attention of an officer. Always remember, if you’re in the middle of an intersection or on a regular two-lane street, and the speed limit is 45 mph and you’re going 10 mph for some reason, you can be fined for hindering the traffic. Still slow driving laws are enforceable in most states, including Florida, Nevada, Alaska and Hawaii, where vehicle owners can be at safe from the police scanner!

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