Perils of Driving with Bald Tires!

Perils of Driving with Bald Tires!

Perils of Driving with Bald Tires!

For a car owner the maintenance of a vehicle is utmost important if one wants to have a safe ride. While car owners take care of their engines running smoothly, fix their dents and scratches, and get their car serviced regularly, most of them forget to look after their tires. Is it safe to drive with bald tires? Bald tires in extremely poor condition are sure to cause the steering to shake, maybe this is a sign to get you tires replaced.

Following are some points by traffic school online California DMV approved which tell you about the perils of bald tires:

  • Because of lack of traction, bald tires can affect the rate of acceleration and also the overall performance of the vehicle. Th bald tires also tend to get punctured more easily.

  • Bald tires also affect the gas mileage to a large extent, because they have lesser traction, which makes the engine run harder, therefore, resulting in poor fuel economy.

  • Bald tires can be used as a proof of negligence against you if you had an accident, and you may have your insurance amount increased, and in a worst case scenario you can also get sued by the other party involved in the accident.

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  • Bald tires don’t have sufficient tread, this can can result in a blowout or other serious damage to the vehicle, especially when going over potholes at high speeds without any warning.

  • As bald tires are old tires, they tend to get damaged very easily, what this does is make controlling the vehicle difficult in tight spots.

  • The bald tires in snow or icy conditions is extremely risky, because of less traction the vehicle may skid and slip due to strong winds or large vehicles that pass by.

  • Similar to driving in winter conditions, using bald tires on wet roads in the rain is risky, and can lead to the vehicle slipping and skidding. It can even make it impossible to control the vehicle.

Driving with bald tires requires more alertness and attention, as it causes fatigue even faster, which can cause accidents, especially if you’re driving long distances. Despite of the experience you have or how many safety-related features your vehicle has, the tires are the only parts that are in contact with the road. Therefore, tires need to be rough and tough and not bold.

Always Keep the Tires Well Maintained and Stay Safe!


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