Sometimes Common Sense and Driving Go Hand in Hand!

Sometimes Common Sense and Driving Go Hand in Hand!

Sometimes Common Sense and Driving Go Hand in Hand!

.Common sense is the most important sense of them all, and when it comes to driving we can’t leave it. And time and again its obvious that common sense is required to drive. Nowadays it seems as though many drivers seem to get too comfortable while driving and forget to use our common sense and in the worst case scenario forget that they’re driving a car and failing to control it may lead to a potential threat to life.

Some of the major causes as told by the California DMV Traffic School, in almost all car accidents compromises of Driving Fast or Speeding, Under Influence of Drugs or Alcohol, and Not Wearing Seat Belts and Being Distracted.

Driving Fast or Speeding:

Everyone of us has gone over the speed limit at some point in our lives. To make things worse we arent even aware of the fact that were speeding at times. Many may not know that if youre traveling at 70 or 80mph the risk of a fatal accident becomes twice or thrice. Now using your common sense you should know that speeding is dangerous, the odds are greatly stacked against a person who is driving fast as they put themselves and others drivers, passengers and pedestrians in risk!

Under Influence of Drugs or Alcohol:

With a thousand things on our mind we start our day and with this we also drive. Therefore, including additional means of distractions and delays into your mind and body is not only dangerous but has accounted to one-third of the cause of all traffic accidents.

Did you know around 18-20% of the reason for all crashes is because of Drugs or alcohol!

Seat Belts:

A wise person will always have his seat belts on, as more than 50% times seat belts have prevented death in collisions, not only this the rear seat belts have prevented an accident at a staggering 70-80% times.

Being Distracted:

Distraction is the major reason for accidents everywhere, did you know the radio or music player causes distraction to the people, yes you’ve heard that right!

Not only does listening to music make a person distracted, but listening causes you to lose attention and focus from the task at hand. Be it the Mobile phone, Hands free, Messaging, taking Pictures or Selfies, all of these cool things makes us lose our attention off of the road. The passengers also cause a lot of distractions, if they are continuously talking. For example, children constantly shouting and yelling at the back of the car and the parents try to quite them can lead all of them to a tight spot, if the driver isn’t looking ahead!

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