These are Things People Do to Ruin Their Cars!

These are Things People Do to Ruin Their Cars!

These are Things People Do to Ruin Their Cars!

For each and everyone of us who owns a car we sure do love them isn’t it? For this reason we keep it shiny and clean always and that’s not all we also keep it in the best condition possible. But still at times, even the most veteran drivers do some things which should be avoided at all costs, why is this? Because it tends to ruin our beloved cars in the long run!

If were talking about cars, the transmission too it cannot be avoided at any cost. Another important thing that we forget to do before we drive a new car is we don’t read the owner’s manual. All the instructions and details given in the manual are there for a reason and should be followed always as told by traffic school DMV approved. Its very essential to identify where you go wrong in maintaining your cars.

Always remember, prior to switching on the car is to check if the Lights, Wipers, Air conditioner, Indicators, are switched off. Most of the engine’s wear and tear is caused while switching on the car, and if these things are still on while the engine is running, then a huge amount of pressure comes on the engine. So keeping the above things in mind will ensure that your engine is great and running!

Many car owners rev the car to warm up their engines. Is that required? Not quite there isn’t any need do that, as all it does is make the car hot literally! To be honest revving the car doesn’t warm the car, it just makes the engine work without any lubricant, which is actually bad therefore, take it easy on the revving, and let your car idle for about 30 seconds!

Not completely pressing the clutch while changing gears can ruins your gearbox permanently. In many cars, one cannot change gears without pressing the clutch, but in some cars that are old, you can change gears by just depressing the clutch up to about 90%. When you don’t press your clutch fully, the shifting of the gears become very rough because of lack of clutch fluid being released. This causes damage to your gearbox and clutch plate as well!

Due to high-pressure jet sprays, many delicate parts, such as rubber seals and wiring can completely come off. Even oil or grease that is actually good for the smooth running of the car gets completely washed off, making your engine literally dry!

Always Drive Safely, Live more

Keep These Things In Mind And Your Car Will Always Be Good As New!

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