Top 7 signs That You Aren’t A Safe Driver This Christmas!

Top 7 signs That You Aren’t A Safe Driver This Christmas!

Top 7 signs That You Aren’t A Safe Driver This Christmas!

Nature has a lot of good things but it also has bad things, which are in the form of long, winding, and dangerous roads, so it’s a must that you drive carefully this Christmas!

For many of us, traveling on roads or rather city roads is more of a daily routine be it for long traffic snarl-ups or the basically traffic. Often times we curse and crib about how difficult it is to get through this daily hustle and bustle of the daily traffic. Every drivers thinks he or she is great but are they really?

This Christmas just ponder on these points by California DMV Approved Traffic School and you might know how good of a driver you really are:

  1. Are you having many speeding tickets and for some reason youre now using them as wrapping paper. That’s enough to tell how good of a driver you’ve been!

  2. The dripping nose, red cheeks is its due to the cold weather? Or were out last night for the carol singing? Well is that really it? No if it isn’t then it probably because of the numerous times your face was hit by your air bags.

  3. Its snowing and you’ve been having a Deja vu, and eventually you end up bashing your car somewhere rings a bell doesn’t it?

  4. Not using the brakes and the colorful lights sparkling at the sides of your car? Suddenly you see a vehicle approaching you with a blinking light in your rearview mirror and this happens very often.

  5. Your car requires servicing yet you keep driving it and in the end it breaks down.

  6. Spend more time near the tow truck driver trying to convince them that you weren’t aware it wasn’t the parking place.

  7. Have you spent your every moment of your holiday with Rudolph, Donder and Blitzen; not the reindeers, but the law firm of Rudolph, Donder and Blitzen.

Driving isn’t a piece of cake especially if you have friends and family in your back seat think of the aforementioned points and you’ll know how much you need to improve.

Drive Sensibly

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