Types Of Traffic Tickets You Didn’t Knew Existed!

Types Of Traffic Tickets You Didn’t Knew Existed!

Types Of Traffic Tickets You Didn’t Knew Existed!

Is avoiding traffic tickets easy? Well it isn’t every once in a while we tend to make mistakes which cost us a ticket. And even for the veteran drivers it can be tricky to avoid a ticket. It doesn’t take much but a single moment when you lose concentration and do a mistake and voila you receive a ticket!

For this simple reason California DMV approved cheap traffic school is becoming so popular nowadays. If you’re being fined that’s normal it keeps happening to everyone for us, but whats worse is when you are fined for something and you don’t know what you are being fined for. To help you while drive here are some common traffic tickets that many drivers aren’t aware of but now will be quite helpful:

 Follow Traffic Rules

Drive Slowly is it Bad or Good?

Driving beyond the speed limit is illegal, this ticket is the most common ticket, which drivers come across and this is the primary reason for drivers to go to a traffic school. Speeding is very dangerous, disturbing the flow of traffic, and putting yourself and others at risk isn’t good.

Driving too slowly disturbs the flow of traffic and puts others at risk as well. If you’re driving below the speed limit, you should always stay in the right-most lane. Even then, you must drive fast enough not to hinder the traffic.

Still, there are some exceptions to the rule:

  • In certain hazardous road or weather conditions, it’s expected that you will be driving far below the posted limit.

  • If you’re passing by a slower vehicle, you’re allowed to move one lane to the left in order to overtake them.

  • You’re permitted to slow own if you’re about to make a turn.

U-Turns All The Way!

When you are in a new place its quite easy to get lost isn’t it? Oftentimes, its just easier to turn around and go the other way. Making the U-turn becomes necessary, but at times it also becomes illegal. These U-turns are legal but its equally important to know when they aren’t.

However, several things can make a U-turn illegal like:

  • Going across the double-yellow lines on a road.

  • Being on a hill or sloped road.

  • Making a U-turn near an explicit No U-Turn sign.

Driving an Unsafe Vehicle!

Traffic tickets are dependent on the mistakes you make while driving. If your vehicle isn’t safe to drive, you are bound to receive a ticket for driving it.

There are certain conditions that can a vehicle make it unsafe:

  • Faulty headlights or brake lights.

  • Snow on the top of the vehicle that hasn’t been shoveled off.

Obey Rules

If you received a traffic ticket, one of the best ways to remove it is by taking a California DMV Approved Traffic School course. It provides you with the necessary tools to become a better driver. You’ll be able to remove violation points from your record and even have the ticket thrown out!

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